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              Number of hits:1426 Time2020-10-21

              Work together to fight the epidemic

              -- Xitang Party members and cadres actively donate money and show love for the epidemic area

              In recent days, the development of the epidemic in Wuhan has been a constant concern for us. Our compatriots in Wuhan and medical workers from all over the country have been fighting in the front line of the epidemic area to win the battle against the epidemic. The epidemic is a command, prevention and control is the responsibility! In order to carry forward the positive energy of party members' selfless dedication, loving the party and being brave to take responsibility, xitang Party Committee issued a proposal in time, calling on all party members and cadres to keep their original intention and keep their mission in mind, and donate their love for wuhan epidemic area.

              The majority of party members and cadres can be in urgent need at the front of the epidemic area, actively and voluntarily donate money for wuhan epidemic prevention and control by WeChat or alipay. In just 3 days, 124 people from 5 party branches of the company generously donated 11,716 yuan in total (118 party members donated 11,276 yuan in total, and 6 non-party members donated 440 yuan in total). On the first day of the company's resumption of work, the Office of the Party and the Masses has promptly handed over the donation to the Party Committee account of the group for epidemic prevention and control in Wuhan.

              Great love is before great pestilence, and heartless man before plague. The donation once again demonstrates the fraternity and dedication of xitang's party members and staff. For our home children to help each other, in the spirit of solidarity! With the current epidemic situation, I wish the mountains and rivers are safe and the world is safe.

              Come on wuhan! Come on China!

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