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              Comprehensive search / Search for models

              In the past 60 years, the western exploration equipment has achieved seven leaps

              One belt, one road, the west side, is the 2025 most important strategy in China. The new products developed in recent years have obtained many national utility model patents.

              September 2016 to present

              International Development

              June 2011 - August 2016

              Confluent presentation

              May 1991 - may 2011

              Spanning the development perio

              June 1983 - April 1991

              Break through the expansion pe

              1971 - May 1983

              A period of reform


              Reform and exploration period


              Initial start-up period

              development history

              Xitan equipment company is a national high-tech enterprise and Xi'an high-pressure rotary jet grouting engineering technology center. Since the 13th five-year plan, through the research and development of domestic equipment for new construction methods such as double high-pressure rjp and multi pipe MJS, the company continues to occupy the high-end technology in the field of domestic rotary jet grouting construction equipment, and the rotary jet pendulum jet drilling tool has applied for a patent. Among them, the newly developed xps-15 tunnel horizontal rotary jet drilling rig is the first in China. Compared with the similar drilling rig abroad, it has an absolute advantage in cost performance and can replace the imported one. It is well received by many experts. The company strives to develop advanced high-end equipment for large tunnel construction enterprises.

            1. In August, the public investors of Shaanxi Xitan address equipment Co., Ltd. changed to Shaanxi Provincial Geological and Mineral Corporation, and Xi'an exploration machinery factory was merged into "Shaanxi Xitan address equipment Co., Ltd.".
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