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              Company profile

              Shaanxi Xitan Geological Equipment Co., Ltd. (also known as Xi'an Exploration Machinery Factory) is abbreviated as "Xi'an exploration equipment factory". After 60 years of development, it entered Xi'an Yanliang National Aviation high-tech industrial base in 2014.
              Xi'an exploration equipment Co., Ltd. belongs to Shaanxi geology and mineral industry group company. It is a newly increased enterprise above the designated scale in Xi'an City, a "contract abiding and trustworthy" unit in Xi'an City, and an ecological garden unit in Xi'an city. It has passed the certification of ISO9001 and is18001. The company has an existing building area of 23000 square meters,
              The annual production capacity is 300 million yuan and the fixed assets are 150 million yuan.


              60 years of development

              2.3ten thousand

              23000 square meters of building area


              300 million yuan production capacity


              Fixed assets of 150 million yuan

              One belt, one road, the west side, is the 2025 most important strategy in China. In recent years, the new products developed have obtained a number of national utility model patents, including high-pressure rotary jet grouting equipment, core drilling equipment, foundation engineering construction equipment and other products with domestic advanced technology, which are widely used in national railway, high-grade highway, urban subway, tunnel bridge and other engineering construction fields, with high industry reputation. The company's products have been successively applied to many national key projects, such as Yuanliangshan tunnel, the No.1 control project of Chongqing Huaihua railway, Qiyueshan Tunnel of Yichang Wanzhou railway, Qilianshan tunnel, the first high tunnel of Lanzhou Xinjiang Railway, Shanghai Kunming railway, Lanzhou Chongqing railway, Menghua railway and so on.

              Xitan equipment company is a national high-tech enterprise and Xi'an high-pressure rotary jet grouting engineering technology center. Since the 13th five-year plan, through the research and development of domestic equipment for new construction methods such as double high-pressure rjp and multi pipe MJS, the company continues to occupy the high-end technology in the field of domestic rotary jet grouting construction equipment, and the rotary jet pendulum jet drilling tool has applied for a patent. Among them, the newly developed xps-15 tunnel horizontal rotary jet drilling rig is the first in China. Compared with the similar drilling rig abroad, it has an absolute advantage in cost performance and can replace the imported one. It is well received by many experts. The company strives to develop advanced high-end equipment for large tunnel construction enterprises.

              West exploration equipment adheres to the principle of "dedication, integrity, innovation and development" The spirit of "new exploration to the west" provides a broad platform and strong impetus for the company to master advanced technology and cutting-edge science and technology through industry university cooperation with China University of Geosciences, Xi'an University of technology, Yanshan University and other universities. We sincerely hope to establish a long-term win-win partnership with friends from all walks of life at home and abroad, and work together to create a better future.

              Video Center

              Necessary western exploration equipment for pile workers

              Propaganda video of equipment enterprises in the West:

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              social responsibility

              Western exploration equipment was born in China's "great leap forward" period, which is bound to be closely linked with national prosperity and national rejuvenation.

              With 60 years of accumulation and 35 years of brilliance, it has nurtured the noble feelings of the society and the great ambition of benefiting mankind, and has been exploring in the West for a long time like the culture of responsibility. Looking back on the road of public welfare of XPCC equipment, every step is moving and practicing the responsibility core of "big responsibility and long road"

              Helping each other in the same boat to fight the epidemic

              In recent days, the development of the epidemic situation in Wuhan has always touched our heart. The compatriots in Wuhan and the medical staff all over the country have been fighting hard in the front line of the epidemic area to win the battle of prevention and control. Epidemic situation is order, prevention and control is responsibility! In order to carry forward the positive energy of Party members and cadres' selfless dedication, love the party and patriotism, the Party committee of the Western Exploration Bureau issued a timely proposal to call on the party members and cadres to keep their original intention, bear in mind their mission, donate money to the epidemic area in Wuhan and offer their love

              Cultural Activity

              West China equipment is one belt to focus on one belt, one road and 2025 made in China.

              Staff style

              West China equipment is one belt to focus on one belt, one road and 2025 made in China.

              Party and League building

              West China equipment is one belt to focus on one belt, one road and 2025 made in China.